What to Expect When You're Blooming and Growing a Phalaenopsis Species Orchids and Complex Hybrids

Phalaenopsis Species vs. Phalaenopsis Complex Hybrids:

Phalaenopsis species orchids:

  • Phalaenopsis venosa 
  • Phalaenopsis bellina

Complex hybrids:

  • Mini phalaenopsis: Taida Little Pretty x Phalaenopsis Zuma’s Pixie
  • Phalaenopsis Surf Song (large)

We take a look at where older flower spikes have come in on the stem on the complex hybrids and where I’ve cut the old spikes. It's typical for leaves to yellow. My tiny phal has a discolored leaf in the midst of two healthy leaves. Leaves are often very glossy in species. You can't find the same gleam in hybrids cultivated in gardens, nurseries, and garden centers that you can on simple kinds. All of the orchids are potted in a bark and sphagnum moss mixture from repotme.com, and I use the same potting mix for all orchids and aroids. Species orchids produce flower spikes horizontally, and complex hybrids develop vertical flower spikes.

We discuss the time of year when the flower spikes Develop and when each orchid blooms. The difference between flower spike branches on one phalaenopsis orchid with many branches is discussed.

Both Phalaenopsis and complex hybrid orchids with aerial roots are typical. They don't need to be disturbed. Allow them to grow in the air without disturbing them. The plants have roots in both the potting medium and the roots that develop in the air. Leaves develop when the plants aren't blooming. When the plants are concentrating on producing flower spikes, buds, and flowering, they don't grow new leaves. The number of fragrant flowers produced by species Phalaenopsis orchids is lower than that of complex hybrid Phalaenopsis orchids.

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