Hoyas: The Right Way To Trellis Them and Things To Avoid

 Keep your Hoya tendrils loose and clip them loosely to the trellis. If you pull them too tight, the plant will not be able to grow. Also, make sure to avoid using uncoated wire or anything that could potentially damage the plant.  The best way to trellis a Hoya is by using a bamboo or wooden trellis for your Hoya to climb.

Be sure to give your Hoya a little space to grow. If you crowd the plant, it will not be able to thrive. When you water your Hoya, make sure the potting mix is moist but not soggy. Overwatering can lead to problems such as root rot. Allow the potting mix to dry out slightly in between waterings.

Hoyas are beautiful, rare vines that make great houseplants. They are native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, and they are known for their thick, waxy leaves. The common name of Hoyas is wax plant. Some Hoyas have thin leaves and I show you this in the video. Hoya skinerriana Dee's Big One and Hoya carnosa Krimson Queen both have thick leaves with a waxy cuticle which is great for underwatering. An example of a thin leafed Hoya would be Hoya species Sabah, or in this video we see the Philodendron Painted Lady used as an example of what a thinner leaf looks like.

We talk about what happens when you don't trellis your Hoya properly. When you force the tendril or vine and bend the vine they will break or  you will have a kink in the stem. This is not good for the overall health of your Hoya. 

Why is it so important to trellis your Hoyas? Well, Hoyas like to climb and if you don't provide them with something to climb they will start to grow horizontally along the ground and they

We unstake and re-stake my Hoya skinerriana 'Dee's Big One' in the video. I also cut the vine that died off. This is an important step in keeping your Hoya healthy. If you don't cut off the dead vines, they will continue to take up nutrients that your Hoya could be used to grow new leaves and flowers.

Don't trellis at a node, this is where your leaves are. You want to trellis above or below the node If you trellis at a node, you're just going to break the stem or you won't have leaves that develop.

The second way you can damage your Hoya is by using uncoated wire or anything that could potentially damage the plant. 

Something else you can do is let your Hoya hang down and grow in a hanging basket. You don't have to trellis your Hoya.  But if you're going to let it hang, make sure that the pot is big enough so that the roots have room to grow. If the pot is too small, the roots will start to come out of the bottom of the pot and they will be exposed to the air and they will dry out.

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