How To Propagate Plant Cuttings & Grow Them Into Big Plants

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I have a full plant propagation lesson for you today my friends! In this video we discuss how to propagate plants, you will see me propagate my Hoya rangsan (which is one of my mother plants). We also discuss what to do after you take your plant cutting, the different mediums you can propagate in, how to make a diy plant propagation box and how to make a cutting above or below a node. I feature a propagated variegated Monstera. I take you on a tour of my home setup including one of my propagation boxes and I even show you one of my grow tents. I show a Pothos, which is a great common plant to propagate in water. We take a look at a Hoya I’ve propagated in LECA. We also discuss propagation containers, like cups, slotted pots and jars. I also talk about algae control. We briefly touch on fungus gnats (yikes!). Please join me for my plant cutting hacks that I use in my own nursery at The Rare Plant Haus.


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