How To Propagate Hoya Macrophylla Pot of Gold and Root Your Cuttings in Sphagnum Moss

Hi, my name is Sara, and I'm the owner of The Rare Plant Haus. In this video, I'm going to show you how to propagate hoya plants using my Hoya macrophylla Pot of Gold and how to pot the cuttings in sphagnum moss. This is a great way to get new plants without having to spend any money. Bonus: It makes it easy to share your plants with friends and family. This is a really easy process that anybody can do. So stay tuned and I'll show you how it's done.

The process:

  1. Choose a healthy Hoya plant with plenty of leaves 
  2. Pick a point along the hoya vine to cut off the vine. I recommend leaving at least two nodes with leaves attached to make sure you have the best chance at success in your propagation. 
  3. Leave your cuttings out overnight. Place your hoya on a paper napkin or paper towel so that the hoya can dry where you made your cuts and callous over. Sometimes sap seeps out when you make the cut, and it's cleaner for you and the plant if you give the cut a chance to callous over to reduce the risk of rot and reduce the risk of sap getting everywhere.
  4. Place the stem cutting in a transparent plastic cup and fill it with damp sphagnum moss. Using a transparent plastic cup will allow you to watch the roots grow, and you can recycle the cups and reuse them for new propagations.
  5. Keep the transparent container in a bright, sunny spot and make sure your New Zealand Sphagnum Moss stays constantly moist to promote root growth.
  6. After a few weeks, you should see new roots growing from the base.  That's what you're looking for: new roots. Give the roots a few more weeks to develop so they are at least a few inches long so that you have a nice root system when you go to pot the plant up.
  7. Once the plant has established its root system, you can up-pot the cutting to its new pot where it can grow and establish itself. I like to use Repotme small orchid bark mixes with sphagnum moss mixed and grow my hoyas in a slotted orchid pot so there is aeration around the roots. These plants grow epiphytically in the air attached to trees or large branches with lots of air around their roots. I then select a decorative pot to place my Hoyas in if I’m going to display it in my house. 

I like to trellis my hoyas to grow upwards. You can let them grow pendant-like, but I have a lot of plants so creating vertical space is important. I trellis my Hoyas as early as I possibly can to train them to attach and grow upwards.

Now that you know how to propagate hoya plants, get started and make more plants! It's a really easy process and you can do it with just a few simple steps. So don't wait any longer and get propagating!

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Things you need for trellising and growing Hoyas:

  1. Dragonfly Clips
  2. Bamboo Trellises
  3. Repotme mixes
  4. Repotme slotted transparent pots
  5. Besgrow Sphagnum moss

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