How To NOT Kill Your Orchid Part 1: Cutting the Flower Spike


In this week’s video, we cover a full tutorial on how to not kill your orchid. This is part 1 of the series called How to Not Kill Your Orchid. This week we cover How to Cut an Orchid Flower Spike. This is part 1 of 5 that I will be releasing throughout December 2021 so that you know what to do when someone gifts you an orchid for Christmas. Your orchid is not dead! You are not an orchid killer!!! In the tutorial we take a look at an orchid that you will find in a grocery store, which is a great place to start with orchids for beginners. We look at a miniature moth orchid flower spike (a/k/a Phalaenopsis orchid), and I show you where to cut your flower spike on your orchid so that you feel comfortable cutting your orchid flower spike yourself. If you’re wondering if you orchid is dead, then the answer is almost always NO! We take a look at what an orchid flower spike looks like after the flowers start to die and fade and we discuss whether or not you should leave the dried out orchid flower spike on the plant or if you should cut the flower spike.


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