How To Buy The Right Monstera For YOU This Holiday Season

Make sure you check out this week's video if you are confused about which Monstera you are purchasing.

Are you purchasing a Monstera for yourself or a special someone this holiday season? Make sure you buy the right Monstera for you or your loved ones in my How-To Guide on Purchasing the Right Monstera. In this video we cover many different kinds of Monsteras: Monster adansonii, Monstera deliciosa, Monster obliqua, Monster Peru. We talk about how to tell the difference between different Monsteras. Whether you’re looking for a variegated Monstera adansonii, or a Monstera deliciosa Borsigiana albo variegata, then this video is for you! We also cover a brief greenhouse tour, we look at some recent cuttings of plants I’m getting to propagate and we talk about Monstera variegation, fenestrations and leaf maturity.


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